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Coarse Fishing

A winter coarse fishing syndicate operates at the fishery from 1st November through to 15th March on the main river Test/Carrier and on a further two mile stretch of the River Blackwater. Along with some superb specimen grayling the fishery is also famous for its large roach  and specimen chub.  Pike fishing is with fly only and the beats hold specimen fish in excess of thirty pounds

The Broadlands Coarse Syndicate is a small personal affair with a very limited number of rods available per season. Grayling in excess of 3lbs, Roach over the magic 2lbs and Chub in excess of 5lbs can all be expected throughout the winter season, particularly once the first frost has bitten and the river is clear and holding level. We also offer the syndicate coarse fishing on the Blackwater river throughout the whole of the coarse river season (June 16th – March 15th). A “pocket and riffle” river,  this delightful little stream offers the roving angler some wonderful days sport, albeit with fish of a smaller size than those found on the main system, chub, dace, roach, perch and the occasional carp and trout can be expected along the two miles of banks which we have intentionally left as a “wild” fishery.

For non-syndicate members day fishing can be had on our carp and coarse lake at Longbridge where no booking is required, and night fishing is available. Carp up to 30lbs and specimen tench are most anglers quarry but the lakes also hold excellent stocks of Crucian Carp, Perch  and silver fish for the beginner or match angler to hone their skills on.
Season: Main River/Carrier: 1st November ~ 15th March
Blackwater: 16th June ~ 15th March

Day Fishing at Broadlands