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Trout Fishing

Broadlands Trout Fishery

Set in more than 4500 acres of private rural country estate,  the Broadlands Trout Fishery offers some of the most enjoyable brown trout fishing to be found on the lower reaches of this world famous Hampshire chalk stream.  The Fishery has in excess of four miles of main river and carrier stream offering a diversity of fishing for both the seasoned rod and beginner to experience.

The fishery has three, mainly double bank, trout beats which the season rods fish on a fortnightly rotation. The carrier stream is operated as a small member’s syndicate allowing rods to fish as and when they like throughout the trout season.  We stock only native brown trout into our waters where both the dry fly and nymph can be used throughout the year.  The main river fishing is both diverse and challenging with a variety of water from streamy shallows and tempting runs to deep holes where the larger specimens are often lying in wait.  The carrier is much more of a stalking river and ideal for the light line enthusiast who revels in the challenge of stealthily creeping up on their chosen target.  The main river and carrier both hold a head of wild trout and are stocked on a regular basis. The main river beats offer a brace of fish per visit (catch & release thereafter) and the carrier offers a twelve fish per season limit and catch and release fishing

Day fishing at Broadlands